Souvenirs – a Décima

We spent those days sometimes confused —
the acts that touched, the words that soothed,
the days that stuck, the nights that moved.
Throughout the years, the paint came loose.
but lessons learned remain in use.
The joys, the gains still bring us smiles;
the lost, the cuts, recall the trials.
My albums sing a life’s refrain,
love filled mementos bright or plain.
A trail of life, its light diffused.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.2.16 * All Rights Reserved

The décima is a Spanish form of 10 lines – rhymed ABBAACCDDC – in principle of 8 syllables, though the rather relaxed method of counting syllables in Spanish verse means that lines can actually be anything from 6 to 10 syllables. I’ve just kept to the standard English Iambic tetrameter.)

16 thoughts on “Souvenirs – a Décima

  1. I like this. My favorite line is: “Stacked albums sing a life’s refrain.” You can tell something about a person’s life by the albums they own (or the music they have on their iPod).

    • That’s true. Mine is filled with classical currently. I’m trying to think how anyone can play Chopin’s Etudes especially “Winter Wind” Op. 25 No.11. It’s impossible. But I still struggle to play. And yes, my bookshelves are full of photo albums too. Thanks LInda.

  2. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, Gay. In it I see the story of a life. After a while it does dissolve into watercolor hues….but the images remain bright and diffuse. The joys, the trials, the love, the disdain. All a part of one’s life well lived. Whenever I read your work, I am SO happy that you write….and often awed!

  3. Souvenirs of a life…there are so very many. I loved this line, “And with the years the paint came loose” and the reference to the albums that sing a refrain…”looks of disdain.” And how true, some are bright and some diffused. Loved this, Gay.

  4. I like this. You captured so well the reasons we keep souvenirs. Our mementos can store our memories though the paint sometimes comes off. Lovely.

  5. Yup, our minds dove into similar perceptual landscapes; nostalgia, what a reality (sort of). I miss seeing you around much. I am working on writing a screenplay these days, with a production company (the Yari Group) ready to read it.

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