Through A Cracked Looking Glass


I find our current events have veered into a Carrollian parallel as it tumbles
through this metaphoric cracked mirror:  Here is the sleeping King while
his Queen waves her butcher knives. Meanwhile, decks of cards carrying
spears are hunting heads not only on chess boards but outside grade schools.

Humpty Dumpty has fallen and Tweedledee and Dumb are playing with the
pieces. There’s a girl growing first larger and then smaller; she’s passing out
pastries (bread) and candies (dope) that create changes in both herself
and her friends. A Cheshire cat has gathered a congress of others as
he appears and disappears seeking nourishment in a purple cloud
and spouting nonsense and lies. He retires to higher branches signing
executive orders.

A white rabbit is drunk on strange tea. He’s dressed in dinner clothes at an
underground. party. There’s a little dormouse for company and a rude playboy who’s fond of hats. The world is constantly spinning round like a crazy carousel filled with
panicky passengers before it speeds to max force throwing them into the dark of the universe. Even so the Queen is in the counting house counting her golden coins while the queue outside her door grows ever longer.

©Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.25.17 * All Rights Reserved


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