The Love Affair

rose on piano

It started, perhaps, when I was nine.
I can’t exactly say if at that time it was mine; a budding romance.

There were a few meetings when I was younger
I approached hesitantly to look a little longer; not ready for romance.

By the time I was twelve I knew.
Nobody, nothing else would do; my true love, this defined romance.

I was forced to leave my lover twice.
My feet carried me forward, a lost look in my eyes; grieving for my romance.

After college, we were able to find our space.
My hands fluttered, every night my heart raced; enthralled in this romance.

For these many years, I have spent hours, engaged most of my days
Touching my lover’s soul;  that love fortifies me in myriad ways,
In melodies gay, — my piano’s been my lifetime romance.

© Gay Reiser Cannon – 6.14.2019   All Rights Reserved
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