Kay’s Bouquet

Somewhere south of the clouds and east of the plains
lies a phantasmagoria known as Kay’s garden of dreams.
Flowers, hedges, and walkways interspersed
with fountains of various shapes bring cool
illusions and inspirations to her imaginings.

The garden changes often, the flowers
change and fade from shade to shade
as she passes through them. It contains
plants and herbs as well for her choosing
with each different fragrance giving
rise to a kaleidoscopic floral array.

She awakes before the dawn and Aurora
keeps her company as she plucks her bouquet.
Whether it’s daffodils, lilacs, hyacinths,
tulips, roses, gardenias, dahlias, or other flowers,
she places her cuttings in her mind’s crystal vases
and lets them decorate her thoughts through the day.

At twilight, the goddess Luna takes her hand,
and through the silver starred journey of night
the garden alters once again as they pass.
The stories of her mind proceed to new
and different paths when morning once again
awakens music in her ears and beauty in her sight.

For Kay Hart on her birthday on January 30, 2022

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 3.12.22 * All Rights Reserved