Beachanny’s Texas


My name is Gay Reiser Cannon.  These are pieces about Texas–from Amarillo to Port Aransas.  There are a group of poems that will be tagged as neighborhood poems.  They refer to the Oak Lawn area of Dallas and reflect a time at the turn of the millenium. This should make a nice chapbook of photos, artwork and poems which will get added to as I compose them.  Hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting.

Well I wrote this ten years ago. The blog transformed after a while. I became a moderator for One-Stop Poetry which then morphed into d’Verse Poetry. I am still a frequent visitor there although I am no longer tending bar with my lovely friends. The poems here constitute a major portion of my work. I have another blog where I put things as well. I don’t have a reason for choosing one over the other. I switch between them at will.  Together they constitute seven plus years of regular posts of my poetry, illustrated as I wanted them to be – sometimes with my own photos or artwork, other times with the work of others. Not all are noted because some were not attributed. I would not submit them anywhere else as illustrations of my work.

I hope you enjoy reading them and if you re-post you must attribute my work to me as I would for you. These are under my copyright.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Beachanny’s Texas

  1. Ah, how I wanted a bit more info here about you! The Texas part is fun. So I skipped to your gravatar where I saw some lovely photos of you and this great line:

    a dilettante – somewhat eccentric – but not too far out of the main stream.

    I will follow this post hoping you add more photos and details. Very interesting!

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