The Wait

© Marta Ramoneda for The New York Times

We must endure delays from birth
those obstacles face all on earth
a time for us to contemplate–
Have mercy on us while we wait!

When festivals descend each year
we’re challenged to provide good cheer.
Imbued with hope, anticipate–
Have mercy on us while we wait

Boredom can feed anxiety,
impatience may upset our needs;
stagnation breeds unrest and hate–
Have mercy on us while we wait!

Give peace to those who need restraint
Have mercy on us while we wait!


Ordinary by Alexander Calder

orioles brush orange streaks
suntinting the green leaves
as eyes flutter to flash and feathers

duties dress the day
with a certain sameness
yet jazz beats break from trash trucks

tuesday  plays a bluesclues day
the morning dew, singular globes–
shadows on ground, questions in trees

another beat behind the others
taking it slow, hearing distant
train whistles, steamship horns

leave clothes at laundry
saw a load of lost socks washing
wonder who found them

lunch with my love
just pbj’s and grapes
but promises of chocolates

rein in my wandering mind
satisfied with getting things right
boss buzzed, says he has new plans

hangin’ with the gang
sharing some brews and news
the number nine’s  on time

back home to the one
divine time of reflection
before comfort food supper

on porch, a guitar’s playing
the full moon rises across the street
fireflies flit, mimic stars in the dark

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 6/2012 * All Rights Reserved
Posted for Triversen Form for FormForAll @dVersePoets Pub
on June 14, 2012