Ordinary by Alexander Calder

orioles brush orange streaks
suntinting the green leaves
as eyes flutter to flash and feathers

duties dress the day
with a certain sameness
yet jazz beats break from trash trucks

tuesday  plays a bluesclues day
the morning dew, singular globes–
shadows on ground, questions in trees

another beat behind the others
taking it slow, hearing distant
train whistles, steamship horns

leave clothes at laundry
saw a load of lost socks washing
wonder who found them

lunch with my love
just pbj’s and grapes
but promises of chocolates

rein in my wandering mind
satisfied with getting things right
boss buzzed, says he has new plans

hangin’ with the gang
sharing some brews and news
the number nine’s  on time

back home to the one
divine time of reflection
before comfort food supper

on porch, a guitar’s playing
the full moon rises across the street
fireflies flit, mimic stars in the dark

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 6/2012 * All Rights Reserved
Posted for Triversen Form for FormForAll @dVersePoets Pub
on June 14, 2012

Outside My Window

Altered picture. Base picture found on vacationhomeinteriors.com

Autumn gilds the pattern of her skirt
shirrs her bodice made of sky and clouds
her new-for-winter hat, a snowy white egret

her amber eyes a dream of other falls
when trance beguiled; when love felt gold,
more so than silk brocade, heavier than its threads

trimmed in lace that formed through rocks
jewels in the stream sparkled like a diadem
her rivers carried promises shared with stars

wind heard in distant bells
gongs deep as wells or tinkles of a sleigh in snow
perhaps a whisper murmured low, “not long to go”

Autumn fades at last from gold to gray
remembered, though, those perfect days

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

Wind-Up Doll

Composite – GRCannon

I eat the moon and glow
phosphorescent in blacklight;
My super sapphire eyes
swirl bright as the milky way.

I twirl the trees in greeniness
their leaves fly off as they spin;
emerald tops move down
the street whirling where I live.

I dance the sunshine onto windows
the beams erase dullness beneath;
the buildings of the city fall on them
laughing before becoming dominoes

I change with sudden fancy
into a bowler hat or crystal studded bag;
my face peeks out of a crowded hanging basket
my smile is written on its tag

My lips have changed to chocolate,
they delight me all day long.
Never melt nor can I eat them
they sing cocoa serenades

I speak in illustrated letters
Vines and flowers trailing
wrap around the people watching
arresting, entreating, yes seducing.

My arms change into wings
feathered in pastel rainbow hues;
I fly above those lakes that glitter
their fairy dust coats my toes.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011 * All Rights Reserved

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