The Emperor (Ciné) Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese shot by David Shankbone courtesy Wiki-Commons


through his eyes, the image moves
through his smile, compassion warms
in his heart, passion throbs and flows
arteries pump the veins of his thought

his imagination shapes our dreams
viewed in theaters of darkness
we careen curving emotions
where streets ooze both shadows and doubts

rock pulses a steady rhythm
harsh angles support the symbols
sirens blast the windy canyons
stark shadows cross the city walls

his throne an unused canvas chair
his instrument – the perfect lens
his memory precise and clear
his heroes praised by reference

like Adam he claims the Apple
with all its dirt, grit, juice and crunch
he frames climax with redemption
there struggle hangs on family branch

unravels time through tense conflict
history furnishes his home
he views lives in sequential strips
where all roads lead away from Rome

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7/31/12 * All Rights Reserved