Wind-Up Doll

Composite – GRCannon

I eat the moon and glow
phosphorescent in blacklight;
My super sapphire eyes
swirl bright as the milky way.

I twirl the trees in greeniness
their leaves fly off as they spin;
emerald tops move down
the street whirling where I live.

I dance the sunshine onto windows
the beams erase dullness beneath;
the buildings of the city fall on them
laughing before becoming dominoes

I change with sudden fancy
into a bowler hat or crystal studded bag;
my face peeks out of a crowded hanging basket
my smile is written on its tag

My lips have changed to chocolate,
they delight me all day long.
Never melt nor can I eat them
they sing cocoa serenades

I speak in illustrated letters
Vines and flowers trailing
wrap around the people watching
arresting, entreating, yes seducing.

My arms change into wings
feathered in pastel rainbow hues;
I fly above those lakes that glitter
their fairy dust coats my toes.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011 * All Rights Reserved

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