Outside My Window

Altered picture. Base picture found on vacationhomeinteriors.com

Autumn gilds the pattern of her skirt
shirrs her bodice made of sky and clouds
her new-for-winter hat, a snowy white egret

her amber eyes a dream of other falls
when trance beguiled; when love felt gold,
more so than silk brocade, heavier than its threads

trimmed in lace that formed through rocks
jewels in the stream sparkled like a diadem
her rivers carried promises shared with stars

wind heard in distant bells
gongs deep as wells or tinkles of a sleigh in snow
perhaps a whisper murmured low, “not long to go”

Autumn fades at last from gold to gray
remembered, though, those perfect days

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved


This starfish left a handprint in
the sand. I see your

tan hands that summer we went
to the Cape and you filled

our nights with tales of scallops
and fresh mussels. Noisy clams

played rhythm on their castanets
and lobsters danced flamenco on the

foam before they found their way to our
hotel bedroom made from jetsam

of the sea. There we
rocked the cradle through

the long dark shipnight
deep in the depths of its hold

where the constant pounding
waves were heard within our ark.

There I became the shell
with you curled inside me.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011 * All Rights Reserved

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