Poetry In Motion

Michelle Kwan executing Outside Spread Eagle – Dallas 2003

I scratch my tip upon the empty space–
the word, on edge, about to surface real.
It hesitates, at last strikes forth with grace
then breathes, awaits the music, lights, and gel.

With vigor then, my thoughts begin to glide.
My mind creates with images in bursts;
from nothingness, I etch the pattern’s lines;
a piece designed by spins and changing turns.

These lines that flow become a part of me.
The discipline of practicing my craft
where phrasing executes its destiny
and climax turns on unexpected acts.

I finish, sign and sense my soul ignite,
astounded with relief, and true delight.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7/12/2012 * All Rights Reserved

7.17.&18.2012 celebrating 1st Anniversary

dedicated to this 20th anniversary of the figure skating competition The Texas Cannon Open named for and honoring my husband, Don L. Cannon 1929-1991. We were among the first trailblazers who forged this club from nothing. He served over fifteen years as the club’s President and Test Chairman.