I have touched roses
when only tiny buds,
on refined stems–
roses I would sometimes rob
of their primal bloom.
I have probed their
hidden textures,
their scents still green.

I have held roses
at their loveliest,
clad with dew drops.
Their fragrance filled me
with an unknown longing.
I sought and found answers
for their concentric turnings.

I have tasted ripe
roses in full bloom,
dispatched the flowers
devouring them hips and all.
Immersing myself
in their sultry luxury,
I inhaled their thick musk.

Wound in roses
I continue to contemplate
their complexity
and their source.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved


25 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. I admire the deep reflections in wrapping oneself with the wonders and complexity of nature, in this case, a rose ~ Often we find that the source of their beauty and fragrance is elusive yet spiritually refreshing ~

    Gay, this is a beautiful offering ~ Thanks for sharing it with us and wishing you all the best ~

  2. There is so much meaning to be found within the layers of the rose! You have given us the experience, the feeling, and the depth. So good to read your poetry, Gay! This is a gem.

  3. In your wonderfully expressed “revelation” it says to me that as we seek the meaning and complexities of the rose, it reflects the search of our own inner selves. I love it, Gay.

  4. Love the way you have worked the rose metaphor and it’s different stages. What strikes me most is actually that all is written in past tense… a reflection of things that once was, but without mention it you conjured an image of a wilted rose even stronger than the wonderful life of a rose. Maybe it’s just because I read it at autumn with all those dead plants around us.

  5. CoiLed Rose
    now patTern..
    colors flouRish
    iN diverSiTy reaL..
    wheRe onlY hUman
    dead roses attempt
    to stay the sAMe.. leSson
    In coLors oFpatTerns..
    GRoWinG NautiLus
    sheLL.. creatiOn
    ever more NOW..:)

  6. i love how you take the rose image and let us look so deep beyond the visible – a journey into life and its scent and richness and challenges
    happy weekend gay!!

    • Dear Jane…I got your reply to my Christmas card. Life has been difficult. Ron developed an ischemic bowel and had to have it resectioned. He was in hospital for a month and in nursing facility for a month, was home a month and returned to hospital. Home now since days before Christmas but is requiring much nursing and overseeing. I am rarely online and haven’t written anything in a year for the most part. I am hoping you are well and that things are improving for you. I am looking for more health and peace in 2016. I am feeling well enough now as I must to take care of things. Still my writing suffers and I haven’t decided what on earth to do with it as everyone else is getting published. So happy to hear that you have and hope your working is meeting the success it deserves. Seeking solace, I have been watching Asian dramas. They are quietyly and intellectually stimulating for reasons that I can’t explain. Wish we were neighbors often. I seem to have lost touch with nearby friends. Sending my best to you for the new year!

      • My dear Gay: I have wondered often about your health, and Ron’s. I am so sorry to hear that he has suffered so much pain and discomfort.

        I can only hope that you regain your strength and that the New Year brings you time and solace. Asian dramas? LOL! Well, that sounds as good a remedy as any. When I am pushed to the wall, or hurting in some psychic (and physical way) I pick up a copy of the Man’yoshu…..and it takes me into another world. Actually, there are different editions and books around this….One of the very best is ” Love Songs from the Man’yoshu”. I think you would love it…because it is illustrated with paper cuts that are remarkable. The commentary is superb on the poems…brings in new life and light to these 1500 year works.

        I wish we were geographically closer. But I have always felt welcomed from you, and no one writes a better critique than thou!

        Love, Jane

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